The Native Garden Is Thriving

Have you visited Lake Cunningham Park recently? Have you walked by the Native Garden? I hope you do, because you are going to like what you see.

Even after the long 5-year drought, the Native Garden at Lake Cunningham Park is thriving. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of dedicated volunteers, the garden has been tended, young plants watered, invasive plants removed, and mulch added where needed.

In October, the zauschneria bed was full of red trumpet-like flowers, and the California buckwheat’s white flowers were turning brown.


Two months later, in December, the festive toyon berries are the star attraction. Song birds are darting into the shrubs and gorging on the red fruit.


This El Nino year is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to get new plants established with Mother Nature’s watering help. The invasives too are germinating, so there is a need for timely mulching and weeding. If you can help, please sign up through Volunteer Match by clicking here. We work Saturday and Sunday mornings 9am-noon. All are welcome. If you like being outdoors among native plants and birds, with a view of the lake and the foothills, you will enjoy volunteering here.


About Arvind Kumar

Native plant gardener in San Jose, CA. I have been growing native plants since 2000 in a tract home lot front and back.
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