Birds of Lake Cunningham

Bird photographers at Lake Cunningham are pleasantly surprised by the diversity of birds seen in this human-made environment. The 50-acre lake provides habitat for waterfowl. The creeks, meadows, trees, and shrubs host a variety of songbirds, raptors, and other species.

Listed below are links to photo albums compiled by bird photographers. Also included are links to the eBird database of citizen scientist observations at the park. We encourage you to become a citizen scientist and log your observations on

If you are a bird photographer, we will be pleased to link to your collection of photos taken at Lake Cunningham Park — please email a link to and we will add it to this page.

Anthony Fuccella’s Photo Album 2021-03-21
Anthony Fuccella’s Photo Album 2021
eBird Lake Cunningham Bird List has 200 species!
eBird Lake Cunningham Bird Observations by Month
Leah Moffatt’s Photo Album